Soda Company Gifts Lil Pump With $10,000 High-Tech Soda Machine | MP3Waxx Music Promotion
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Soda Company Gifts Lil Pump With $10,000 Soda Machine

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Article By: Ashia Skye

Rappers are often gifted with free merch and goods from companies, but Lil Pump’s latest gift is highly impressive. Pump recently received a  $10,000 customized Exotic Pop soda machine filled with sodas from around the world.

The machine is a one-of-one prototype from the beverage company he was considering buying a few months ago. Charleston Wilson, the companies owner said Pump had been stopping by their Los Angeles location quite frequently and also promoting the brand on social media. As a special thank you, he gave Pump the custom machine. Check out the high-tech soda dispenser below.

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