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Yung Joc Responds to Controversial Poll Comparing Amazon Gift Card to Personal Encounter

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Yung Joc Yung Joc, renowned for his 3x-Platinum single “It’s Goin’ Down,” as well as his appearances on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and hosting a radio show on Streetz 94.5, recently found himself at the center of a viral discussion. 856 Entertainment shared a video on Instagram, posing a hypothetical question to people about whether they would prefer a $50 Amazon gift card or 30 minutes with Yung Joc. Most of the women in the video expressed their preference for the gift card. Once Yung Joc came across the Instagram post by 856 Entertainment, the 42-year-old creator of the New Joc City album took to the comment section to share his thoughts on the poll’s outcome. He made it clear that he wouldn’t associate with any of the individuals mentioned in the poll. Yung Joc emphasized that he is happily married and debunked any misconceptions by stating, “He never said have sex with me; he just said 30 min with me.” Additionally, he humorously mentioned that if he were to allow their presence, they would at least receive $300 worth of food and shots. Yung Joc further asserted that he has never had difficulty attracting women and, in a lighthearted tone, offered them a $100 Amazon gift card to keep their distance. This sort of hypothetical question, such as “Amazon gift card or 30 mins with Yung Joc?,” has become a popular trend on the internet. Similar debates, like the perennial “$500,000 or dinner with Jay-Z” dilemma, have engaged social media users for years. In a related incident earlier this year, Soulja Boy took offense to people choosing $250 in food stamps over a dinner with the “Crank That” hitmaker. Soulja Boy responded with an expletive-filled rant, where he referred to the women involved as “AIDs-infested hoes.” While these discussions often spark controversy and ignite spirited debates, it is essential to recognize that they are ultimately hypothetical scenarios meant for amusement. The opinions expressed in such polls do not necessarily reflect the true worth or value of an individual’s time or experience.
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