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  • Chlöe Bailey Honors Tina Turner with Captivating Performance at CNN’s “Juneteenth: A Global Celebration for Freedom”

Chlöe Bailey Honors Tina Turner with Captivating Performance at CNN’s “Juneteenth: A Global Celebration for Freedom”

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Chloe Bailey Chlöe Bailey, the talented R&B singer, paid a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Tina Turner as she headlined CNN’s “Juneteenth: A Global Celebration for Freedom” concert on Monday evening (Jun. 18). Taking on a classic song from the late “Queen of Rock & Roll,” Bailey mesmerized the crowd with her stunning rendition of “What’s Love Got To Do With It.” Clad in a retro curly wig and a vibrant red and gold bodysuit, she delivered a performance that captivated all who witnessed it. Before beginning the song, Bailey paid homage to the late icon, declaring, “Rest In Power to the great Tina Turner. This one’s for you. I love you!” Her heartfelt dedication added an extra layer of emotion to the performance, showcasing her deep respect and admiration for Turner. The clip of Bailey’s extraordinary performance can be viewed below, capturing the essence of her tribute. Tina Turner, a music legend, passed away at her home near Zurich, Switzerland on May 24 at the age of 83. Her contributions to the world of music and her indomitable spirit continue to inspire generations. In addition to her Tina Turner tribute, Chlöe Bailey also embraced another era by taking on a classic hit collaboration. Stepping in for Kelly Rowland, the Swarm actress joined Nelly to perform their 2022 hit song, “Dilemma,” during the Juneteenth celebrations. Bailey’s versatility and ability to captivate audiences across different musical styles were on full display. The Juneteenth festivities also featured an address by Vice President Kamala Harris at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Reflecting on the significance of Juneteenth, Harris emphasized that it represents the ongoing fight to fulfill America’s promise of equality for all. She expressed pride in co-sponsoring the bill that made Juneteenth a federal holiday and honored the historic moment when President Joe Biden signed the legislation, turning the long-standing dream into reality. Chlöe Bailey’s tribute to Tina Turner at the “Juneteenth: A Global Celebration for Freedom” concert serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Turner’s music and the power of artistic expression in honoring influential figures. Bailey’s remarkable performances showcased her talent, versatility, and commitment to celebrating the rich cultural heritage represented by Juneteenth.
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