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Willow Smith Makes RIAA History with First NFT Accolade

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Willow Smith Willow Smith, who goes by her mononymous stage name Willow, has added a significant milestone to her musical journey. Thirteen years after her breakout hit “Whip My Hair” in 2010, the now 22-year-old artist has become the first to receive an NFT accolade from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The RIAA unveiled Willow as the inaugural recipient of this groundbreaking award, a plaque featuring artwork produced in collaboration between the Los Angeles-based artist, Roc Nation, and Infinite Objects. “I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to engage in the sacred process that is music. BIG LOVE to RIAA and Infinite Objects! I am so honored to be able to celebrate these milestones in such an innovative way,” Willow expressed. The RIAA’s NFT plaque acknowledges Willow’s remarkable achievements, including “Whip My Hair” (3x-Platinum), “Wait A Minute!” (2x-Platinum), “Meet Me At Our Spot” (2x-Platinum), and “Transparent Soul” featuring Travis Barker (Platinum). “RIAA has celebrated artists and their label teams through the Gold & Platinum program for the last 65 years as the industry has constantly evolved,” remarked Erin D. D. Burr, RIAA’s VP of Media Relations, Gold & Platinum Awards. She added, “We are excited to announce this innovative new way to recognize official certifications as Willow accepts the first-ever NFT plaque. We’re grateful to Roc Nation and Infinite Objects for this creative collaboration.” In a unique touch, the authenticated Infinite Objects Video Print display will automatically update the song’s artwork when the RIAA modifies Willow’s certifications. Furthermore, Roc Nation launched the NFT on the OpenSea marketplace. “Roc Nation takes pride in leaning into new and innovative technology. We’re so excited to present the first-ever RIAA certification to be minted on the blockchain and presented on an authenticated NFT plaque to celebrate Willow,” stated Roc Nation’s Chief Digital Officer David Wander and SVP of Digital Operations Luca Zanello.
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