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Lil Jon Opens Second Elementary School In Ghana

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Article By: Ashia Skye

 Lil Jon is stepping up and ensuring he makes a positive change in the world. In his latest philanthropic effort, Jon is opening up a new school in Ghana only a year after he opened the first one.

The rapper made the announcement about building the facility earlier this year. Now he has revealed that the institution is finally open. The school, called the Mafi Atitekpo DA Primary School, is located in the village of Mafi Atitekpo.

Much like when he opened his first Ghanian school, Lil Jon partnered with the Pencils of Promise organization. The first school currently provides 244 enrolled children with an education. The second school is currently serving over 300 students.

“Last year [October of 2017] I went with my family to open up my first Pencils of Promise school in Ghana, and now to have over 300 kids already enrolled in my second school there is incredible!” Lil Jon shared. “It’s been really fulfilling to see the impact these schools have made on so many of these children…”

For more information about Pencils of Promise and for details on how to get involved, please visit Pencils of Promise’s official website.

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