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Kanye West Designs Merchandise For Anti-Democratic Campaign "Blexit"

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Article By: Ashia Skye

Kanye West is continuing his newfound political activism with a new campaign. Mr. West teamed up with popular conservative, Candace Owens to promote Blexit, a movement calling for Black people to exit the democratic party.

This weekend, Owens announced the launch of the new campaign. She explained the mission at the Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C.  “A movement called Blexit, the Black exit from the Democrat Party”. The Black exit from permanent victimhood.” She then continues. The Black exit from the false idea that we are somehow separate from the rest of America.”

On the Blexit website, there is a series of merchandise available for purchase. Kanye West of course, designed all of the items. Check out the Yeezy- designed merch below.

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