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Looks like our guy Juelz Santana just can’t catch a break! Not only has he lost his front teeth, his freedom but now he’s lost his condo. Last week, a New Jersey judge issued a foreclosure judgment against Santana and directed the local sheriff to sell it at auction ASAP to recoup the $650,111 he owes on the home. Wells Fargo sued Juelz back in February, alleging that a payment hadn’t been made towards the mortgage since July 2018, and they wanted him to vacate the property ASAP. The 2,300 square foot condo was purchased in 2005 for $540,000 and financed in part with a $486,000 mortgage with 8.5 percent interest rate. He agreed to make monthly payments of $3,754 for 30 years in order to pay it off.  According to, the property is now valued at only $410,000 and is located in a tony Northern New Jersey housing development. Juelz is scheduled to be incarcerated until 2021 after he pleaded guilty to trying to bring a loaded gun onto a plane. He never responded to the pending lawsuit, so on Oct. 24, the judge issued a default judgment against him and the home be sold at Sheriff’s auction. Fortunately, his wife and children do not live at the home in question. However,  that may be where his immediate family resides. It was unclear as of  Tuesday whether the home was still occupied.

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