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Quavo Uses His Forthcoming Album ‘Rocket Power’ as Emotional Healing in Wake of Takeoff’s Tragic Loss

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Quavo Quality Control’s artist Quavo is utilizing his forthcoming album, ‘Rocket Power’, as a therapeutic outlet to navigate the grief following the heartbreaking loss of Takeoff last year. In creating his second studio album, Quavo has been using his art as a cathartic process to help him persevere through this challenging time. Despite maintaining a relatively quiet presence recently, he never misses an opportunity to honor the memory of his late nephew and best friend. Further insights about his upcoming project are yet to be revealed, but the rapper offered a glimpse into the album’s progress through an Instagram post on Tuesday, May 23. Quavo disclosed that the album, which he guarantees is “coming soon,” serves as a mirror of his current mental and emotional state. He expressed his hope that ‘Rocket Power’ will offer listeners a source of strength and resilience to triumph over life’s tribulations. “‘Rocket Power 🚀 The Album coming soon. This album is for the Rocket our true fans and also this is my therapy,” Quavo shared in his post, opening up about his journey of healing after Takeoff’s untimely passing. “This album genuinely encapsulates my current emotional state. At times I’m good, at others, I’m down, disappointed, or falling apart,” Quavo confessed. “Yet, I ALWAYS find my way back to strength. I understand everything might not be okay right now, but the rocket guided me towards finding a way to make things RIGHT!” He concluded by emphasizing the profound impact ‘Rocket Power’ has had on his healing journey. “Rocket Power keeps me moving. It fuels me. It will assist us all in overcoming whatever we’re experiencing.” In an earlier update in April, Quavo informed fans that there would be no press interviews leading up to the release of the project. ” #RocketPower🚀 All My Emotions In This Album No Interviews ♾🔒,” he stated.
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