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J. Cole Attends Fans College Graduation

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J. Cole After being touched by her story, J. Cole kept a promise to a die-hard fan to attend her graduation. Cole met Cierra Bosarge in 2013 after she reached out to him to wish her a happy birthday. The message was relayed by Q Deezy of Hot 107.9 in Philadelphia. A few months later, Cole reached out with well birthday wishes and invited her to meet him. Cierra held a letter she wrote asking Cole to attend her high school graduation. She talked about being adopted, her parents hooked on drugs, and in and out of prison in the letter. She asked if Cole could come to her graduation since they couldn’t. He promised to attend the graduation as long as she kept her grades up and got accepted into college. Cole kept his word and watched her graduate high school. Now in 2022, Cole attended Cierra’s graduation at Rowan University.