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Flo Rida Wins $82M Lawsuit Against Energy Drink

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Flo-Rida Flo Rida won his multi-million dollar lawsuit against Celsius Energy Drink, after he accused the company of cutting him out of a business deal. During an interview, he said he believes he made the drink popular after being asked to be a brand ambassador back in 2014. “Well this started back in 2014. I was asked to be the brand ambassador for Celsius,” Flo Rida explained. “I mean, this was a young company out of the state of Florida, and myself, I thrive on health. Since being in ninth grade all I did was love fitness knowing that health is really wealth. So I was in this thing for the long haul.” He continued, “It was a time during the pandemic where I got to sit down and really check out all my business endeavors, and this one in particular, I check it out and they were telling me that one of the products I was endorsing wasn’t selling and I got a chance to look at it and it was doing more than well. This product has done over tens and tens of millions of dollars since I joined the company.” Flo Rida also claimed he was promised company stock which he never received. He was reportedly awarded over $82 million. 
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