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Donald Glover Avoids Plagiarism Allegations for “This Is America” on Technicality

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Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, won a plagiarism case involving his song “This Is America.” Glover faced allegations that he copied Kidd Wes’s song “American Pharaoh.” A court dismissed the lawsuit based on a technicality. The lawsuit claimed Glover copied significant elements of Kidd Wes’s song. However, the court discovered that Wes only copyrighted the sound recording, not the music. This technicality made the case ineligible for a copyright infringement lawsuit. Kidd Wes has thirty days to appeal the decision. Even if he appeals, the judge didn’t find the songs similar enough to warrant a lawsuit. Glover and his team continue to deny any plagiarism. Despite the case’s dismissal, critics keep comparing both songs. Some argue that Glover’s song shares similarities with Kidd Wes’s in lyrics and melody. The dismissal allows Glover to avoid any damages or claims. The technicality simply prevents the case from moving forward. Both songs tackle issues of race and injustice in America. Glover’s “This Is America” gained popularity and won prestigious awards. The song’s powerful message and striking video made it a cultural phenomenon.
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