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Gucci Mane Confirms That Waka Flocka Beef Is Officially Squashed

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Article By: Ashia Skye

In Novemeber, rapper Waka Flocka took to social media and vowed to squash all the drama in his life. One portion of this drama was of course, his lengthy feud with his former friend Gucci Mane who he fell out with. “Hey Gucci, let’s chat, let’s sit the fuck down,” said Waka at the time. “All that playin’ over. You know how to get me, big dawg. You call me, nobody else.”

Since that time, apparently, the two rappers have been working out their differences. During an interview with Streetz 94.5 Atlanta, Gucci Mane revealed that he and Waka actually spoke on the phone after Waka’s post. “I reached out to him after that,” said Gucci. “To be honest, with him going on the internet like that, I reached out cause I thought it was urgent. I reached out because I want to know. So, I called and we had that conversation.” When asked if they were currently “cool” ,  Guccisaid that “everything is in the past.”

Check out the revelation below.

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