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  • Family Members Close To Q Money Say He “Acted in Self Defense”

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New details have emerged in rapper Q Money‘s super complicated murder case. Stemming from a fatal incident on April 15th in Decatur, Georgia that left fellow up-and-coming rapper Calvin Alexander Chappell dead and sources close to the rising star claim the charges are bogus. While authorities stand on the scenario that Qamar ‘Q Money’ Williams allegedly shot Chappell “multiple times with a handgun” sources close to the rising star claim he was only acting in self defense.
“They ain’t got nothin’ on Q Money, no gun, no witnesses, no CSI forensics, nothing. That boy coming home soon. The system been holding him all this time and they got nothin. SMH…. It’s a setup y’all”
Over the past several months, T.I.G./Warner Records artist has managed to maintain a buzz on social media with the help of his solid management team and supportive family that claims he’s the victim in this unfortunate saga.
“We feel Qamar was a victim in this situation as well due to his life being completely altered behind this event,” Williams’ family wrote in the statement. “Qamar is an energetic, enthusiastic young man and has no malice in his heart for anyone. As the facts and evidence continue to become available, we are sure that they will show that Qamar acted in self-defense from feeling as though his life was at risk and being threatened”
With millions at stake and his freedom on the line, Q Money continues to stay focused and on the grind!! He even dropped a teaser for his upcoming mixtape “How U Gone Hate” on Instagram.
“It’s time to free Q Money, he’s a good dude that always had a smile on his face when I saw him. More than that, he was about to be a household name. Q has been locked up for way too long without any word on where they are now with his case. I have a feeling there is more to this story. #FreeQMoney”

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