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Drake Drops "In My Feelings" Video-Includes Shiggy, Lala, & More

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Article By: Ashia Skye

Drake, who seems to never have a dull moment in his career, ignites his fanbase once again with his newest video release, for his number one hit, “In My Feelings”.  After Instagram Star, Shiggy, had the world dancing to the song with his #DoTheShiggy Challenge or #InMyFeelings Challenge,the song quickly rose to number one and expectations for the video were high. Drake certainly delivered with an almost 8 minute story/video, featuring some very familiar faces.

The “In My Feelings” video starts with Drake trying to win back the affection of “KeKe”, played by Lala Anthony, by pleading with her outside her window at night. Disrupted by the commotion, Keke’s mother, played by the legendary Phylicia Rashad, comes out and scolds Drizzy, ordering him to leave immediately. He invites Keke to a function he”s having, and video greatness ensues from there.

With appearances from Lala, Phylicia Rashad, Big Freedia, Shiggy, to Young Miami (of the City Girls), Drake was alble to deliver most, if not all of what the fans were looking for from the “In My Feelings” video. Combine that with the inclusion of several of the viral #DoTheShiggy challenge clips at the end of the video, and you can safely say that Drake hit the target with this one. Watch the “In My Feelings” video below.



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