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Big Sean & YG Call Out EA Sports & The NFL

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Article By: Ashia Skye

EA Sports recently released the 2019 version of one of it’s most popular game series, Madden NFL. This year’s Madden NFL 19 soundtrack includes several songs from various hip-hop artists, one of which being YG’s hit song “Big Bank” featuring, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, & Nicki Minaj. Big Sean took to Twitter to scold EA sports, for removing a reference he made to former NFL player Colin Kaepernick in his verse. Kaepernick, who was formerly a quarteback for the San Francisco 49ers, was not picked up by another NFL team due to the fact that he kneeled for racial injustice during the national anthem at several games during his last season.

In the verse in question, Big Sean says “Feed me to the wolves, now I lead the pack and shit/You boys all cap, I’m more Colin Kaepernick.” The NFL has been accused of blatantly blacklisting Kaepernick, so when the reference to his name was censored out from the verse, suspicion and outrage followed. View the video of the name censorship below.

After realizing what happened, Big Sean expressed his dissapointment on Twitter.

Colin Kaepernick then replied, expressing gratitude for the support from Sean.

Rapper YG also insisted that he, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj, and Kaepernick are all owed an apology and that he will be waiting on it. Check out YG’s apology request video below.



EA Sports then responded, claiming that a mistake was made, and they did not know if they had the right to use Colin Kaepernick’s name in their game. View the entire apology below.


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