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Pitbull, a proven hitmaker, has been tapped to record “Back in Time,” the first single from the upcoming “Men in Black III.” Pitbull is a fan of the “Men in the Black” franchise, but he’s also a big fan of star Will Smith and his successes.
“I think he’s the blueprint of what any artist in the music business would look up to and idolize what he’s done,” Pitbull told MTV News on Monday night from the L.A. set of his “Back in Time” video. “As far as not only in the music business, but also in Hollywood, how he’s gone from not only one of the best artists musically [to] also one of the best actors, I would say, around the world.” Will Smith recorded the theme songs for the first two installments of the “MIB” trilogy. Pitbull’s lead single for the film falls right in line with the time-traveling plotline. Pitbull is looking forward to the day he and Smith can collaborate again. “I think in every way, shape and form, we’d love to follow in Will Smith’s footsteps,” he said. “We’re working on the music for the movie, and hopefully, one day, we’ll work in a movie together.”

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