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Jay-Z and Beyonce sought to trademark their daughter’s name after her birth in January, but now have lost the fight to stop an event planning company in Boston (and anyone else) from using their daughter’s name. Veronica Alexandra has been running Blue Ivy Events since 2009, prompting the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to send a letter to the power couple, denying their petition. Alexandra, a 32-year-old entrepreneur, chose the name to compliment the company’s wedding theme. “I definitely needed to protect what it is I’ve been living on,” Alexandra told the Boston Herald. “Now it’s time to create the partnerships and business avenues I’m planning on doing, period.” Despite the decision there are no hard feelings as Alexandra stated that she“ highly respects” them both. “I can’t be frustrated with something I think is going to bring me to produce and define my brand even more, which is financially exciting in itself and intellectually exciting as well. It’s like they caused me to create more opportunity for myself.” Further showing that there is no bad blood, Alexandra posted a message on her company’s website in honor of baby Blue Ivy Carter. “Congrats to our SOUL MATE Couple with Baby Blue Ivy!!!”

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