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Drake has unveiled the cover art for his forthcoming album Take Care. The image shows a thoughtful Drake, laced in gold jewellery, sitting at a table in a grand room, holding a golden chalice and surrounded by large pictures. Differing entirely to the cover art for Drake’s debut album Thank Me Later, Take Care appears to symbolise how far Drizzy has come in the industry in the past year. Drake accompanied the cover art with the message: “Feels like it’s been so long. Is life moving so fast in this generation that when we desire something it begins to move in slow motion? Are we just used to getting what we want right away? Or do we require one another to feel right about all that is going on around us?” He continues: “Maybe our anticipation is justified by the fact that we genuinely cannot wait to share a moment again? Either way, your life and mine are scheduled to meet on October 24… I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

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