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Beyonce’s website recently posted a PSA video urging fans to get involved for World Humanitarian Day and also performed “I Was Here,” at the United Nations in New York. All these events led to here Humanitarian Day Video release. Watch. Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson made his way to the stage welcoming everyone to the General Assembly Hall and giving an early introduction of Beyoncé. “Tonight [she] brings more than her stunning talents; she brings inspiration to help another person, to help another human being,” he told the crowd, going on to describe “I Was Here” as a “profound and moving song.” When he slipped on the title for a second, calling the song “I Was There,” it became evident that there were some Bey stans in the audience. They quickly corrected him and joined him in laughing it off, while he added, “in fact ‘here’ and ‘there’ is the same thing — that’s solidarity.” Eliasson would then recall a “dark day in the history of the U.N.” when 22 humanitarian workers lost their lives in a terrorist attack in Iraq on August 19, 2003. This event and World Humanitarian Day both honor those lost lives and encourage others to join the effort. After letting down the crowd by saying, “Sadly, I will not be dancing to my rendition of ‘Single Ladies’ tonight,” Anderson Cooper hosted individual interviews with guests like the son of a lost humanitarian worker, a former child soldier-turned-author from Sierra Leone and even a local photographer who had worked to help homeless people. During her sit-down with Cooper, Under-Secretary General and Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos would encourage everyone to log on to by August 19 and commit to doing one good act to help someone in need, helping to reach the organization’s goal of 1 billion volunteers. Amos explained that Beyoncé was passionate about helping this cause, and she was thankful in return.

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