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Artist Spotlight: Who Is Chuck Taylor?

Chuck Taylor is an impressive blend of master musician, vocalist and lyricist rolled up into one extensive package. Bringing back funk blends mixed with a tinge of rock and hip hop, Taylor is going to be talked about as an artist for quite some time. His contributions to music are going to include returning to musicality, showcasing the warmth live instrumentation brings to music and a sincere intensity as to what makes great music. His newest single “The Show,” is a breath of fresh air as he immerses us in the raw power offered by live music…hard to keep still with creations such as this.

To describe Chuck Taylor’s recent single releases is very simple: driving drum beats, electric melodies, vocal presentation that stays in the pocket and melds with the music as part of the instrumentation, energizing pace and lyrics that make total sense…yup, that covers everything that makes great music. Lastly, get ready to hear a slight tinge of George Clinton influence when Chuck Taylor gets into that stone cold groove which symbolizes true funk.

–Just Jay (The Hype Magazine)

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