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Megan Thee Stallion Lawsuit Against Label Continues

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion is still unhappy with her label situation at 1501 Certified Entertainment. She announced that her lawsuit against the label is still pending. …

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Twitter Reacts To Kanye West’s “Donda 2” Listening Event

Kanye West trended online after he missed the release of his Donda 2 album. Fans anticipating the album took to Twitter to react. …

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Quality Control Teams Up With SoundCloud

Quality Control

Quality Control Music has announced a partnership with SoundCloud to benefit new artists looking for additional resources. …

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T.I. Defends Himself As A Comedian


T.I. recently shared a comedy stage with Comedian Godfrey, who apparently wasn’t feeling his set. After catching wind, T.I. responded with dignity as always. …

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Pusha T Confirms Jay-Z Feature On New Album

During an interview with Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Pusha T confirmed he has an unreleased collaboration with Jay-Z that will go on his new album. …

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Snoop Dogg & Diddy To Collaborate

Snoop Dogg

During a short film to accompany his new album, Snoop Dogg shared a clip of a FaceTime call with Diddy talking about a collaboration between Death Row & Bad Boy Records. …

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