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Grammy-winning producer Swizz Beatz gave a special surprise to a Bronx Charter School for the Arts; he donated $50K to help further the education of kids in his home neighborhood. When he’s not creating beats for some of music’s biggest stars, the South Bronx native dedicates his time to visiting the children’s school, observing music classes and participating in art activities. He also tells that it’s inspiring creatively to see the students do what they love. “I get to see up and coming kids with so much drive and that inspires me alone.” Swizz Beatz feels the best way an artist can help children is by being present in their environment and tells his celebrity peers to go out and give more than just their monetary contributions. Even his wife, Alicia Keys (both Grammy award winners), devotes her time to helping others in South Africa as an ambassador for the humanitarian organization Keep A Child Alive. “Artists are always holding [out] for the auction side of it and they don’t really know why they’re there,” Swizz said. “I encourage them to go a little deeper and go visit the school or the hospital and learn more and spread the knowledge because I think it’s more effective that way.”

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