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Snoop Lion, the veteran rapper-turned-reggae singer is ready to take aim at gun violence. Snoop, MTV and Jewelry for a Cause will help to take illegal guns off the street with the release of the limited edition “MTV x Caliber” bracelets made in part from the steel of illegal guns acquired in police-sponsored buyback programs.

The bracelets also feature serial numbers of firearms that were returned via buyback programs in Newark, New Jersey, and can be pre-ordered beginning Tuesday (April 9) for $40 on The proceeds from each sale will be donated to the Newark Police Department to help fund future gun buyback amnesty programs.

In a special behind-the-scenes video package delivered to MTV’s Buzzworthy blog on April 5, both Snoop and Drake spoke on how gun violence has affected them. The Doggystyle MC reminded viewers of his not-so-glamorous gun-toting past, while Drake spoke on how gun violence affected his own community in July 2012.

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Check out the full video featuring Snoop, his daughter Cori B. and Drake in a call for gun control on “No Guns Allowed”

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