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Rihanna is getting ready to release her new album her sixth LP Talk That Talk, and she took to her Facebook to release a couple pics showing the track-list. The songstress was seen posing next to a list of songs that are going to be on the album, including the No. 1 single “We Found Love.” Rihanna also tweeted “One feature on the album! And we got the best!!!!!” so one can only guess who it will be. Talk That Talk is set to be released November 21st, but for now you can check the tracklist out below. Talk That Talk Tracklisting 1. “We Found Love” 2. “You the One” 3. “Watch and Learn” 4. “Roc Me Out” 5. “Cockiness” 6. “Talk That Talk” 7. “Answer” 8. “Drunk on Love” 9. “Farewell” 10. “We All Want Love” 11. “Red Lipstick” 12. “Fool in Love” 13. “Where Have You Been” 14. “Do Ya Thang” 15. “Birthday Cake”

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