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Mary J. Blige is gearing up to release her 10th studio album My Life II: The Journey Continues (Act I) on November 21st, and just two days later My Life, she will celebrate both albums in a special Mary J Blige ‘My Life’ Concert. describing both My Life LP’s she said: ABOUT ‘MY LIFE’: “I think My Life is so relevant now and will always be relevant. It’s etched in stone in the music world and people’s personal lives because it was the very first time that someone said something that people were thinking. I was speaking from my own life and my own trials and tribulations. Turns out 4 million other people were feeling the exact same thing at the same time.” ABOUT ‘MY LIFE II’: “When something that big hits the universe — it’s a big deal. I think that’s why it’s around: It’s a self-help book to remind people of how far they’ve come or to let them know somebody can relate to your pain as well. And that’s what this album is about as well.” The concert will take place at New York’s Terminal 5, and the tickets are available at Live Nation starting at a pricey $105.

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