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We’ve already heard her on Jay-Z’s new track, “Glory,” but fans might already be wondering just when we might get to see the rapper’s firstborn with his pop star wife, Beyoncé. On Tuesday morning (January 10), Blue, B and Jay had left Lenox Hill hospital in New York City, E! News confirms. E! reports that high security was taken to ensure that no photos were snapped as they left the hospital and headed home. MTV News talked to experts to get the lowdown on how they think the first photos of her will debut. And they even suggested how much they think the whole business might be worth.

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“I think they’re terribly private about it,” HuffPost celebrity columnist Rob Shuter explained. “I think if they do anything, they’ll take the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes way that they did with Suri and they’ll do it on the cover of a monthly like Vanity Fair. But I don’t even think they’ll do that. They’ll definitely, in my opinion, not be selling a picture to the highest bidding weekly magazine. That’s just not their style.” With editors scrambling for the authorized photos of the newborn and her parents, there are also tabloids scrambling to get some image of Blue, whether or not Beyonce and Jay-Z have anything to do with its release. “In the case of unauthorized photos, they’re typically not the best quality. So if it was sort of your average photo, there’s always people who will pay up to a million dollars for that type of photo,” said David Caplan, who has worked at celebrity magazines like Star and People. “Again, it really depends on the quality, and typically it’s the hard-core tabloids who will buy that because they won’t be in the running for the real baby photos, which will likely go to either sort of like a People or even a monthly. “I think with Beyoncé there’s no guarantee she’ll sell her photo to a weekly magazine, I can see her choosing to do it in Vogue and Vanity Fair,” he added, noting that going that route ensures she can control the entire rollout.

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