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Nicki Minaj recently teamed up with director Hype Williams for the music video “Stupid Hoe” Shortly after its release it broke VEVO viewing records in the first week, but now it has reportedly been banned from BET programming, according to TMZ. The video, filled with quick transitions, plenty of morphing animation, costumes and bright backgrounds is also a bit on the raunchy side—but that’s what we’ve come to expect from Nicki Minaj. Sources say that the video has been blocked due to the fact that some of its content may be too explicit for TV (pointing at nearly naked clips of a woman’s figure). These same sources also say that the song’s lyrics alone are too much for TV. However, this doesn’t stop the animated hip-hop artist from proceeding. This weekend she will be performing with M.I.A. and Madonna at the Super Bowl halftime show.

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